Objective vs subjective time - installation

MCXI deals with the difference and relationship between objective time and subjective time. Objective time is time that is imposed upon us, clock-time. Subjective time is time as we experience it, ‘human time’. clock-time and human time don’t always go hand in hand.

Initially, I examined their relationship by inquiring objective and subjective time in real time, during fifty days. I took thorough notes, made calculations ... which consisted of what I was doing at that time in the objective time and I added a value. This value reflected my experience of the subjective time. For example, since objective time in this system always is 100%, time seems to be going twice as fast when the subjective value is 200% (one hour feels like half an hour). This way of working made a comparison possible.

This examination resulted in a graphic representation of my subjective time versus the objective time. a ± 4m long / 2m high installation was made to show this representation. It consisted of 2000 nails that were pinned into the wall, hand-made stamps that showed the dates/hours/subjective values and nylon wire to connect all the data.

In the last step, this representation served as a basic grid for further examination of their relationship. Questions like “do the total hours of sleep of one night have an impact on the total subjective time of the next day?” were visualised in infographics using the data from the fifty days of note-keeping. All the infographics were bundled into a 127p. book.

All this is an attempt to reveal which parameters have an impact on the shift between objective time and subjective time.

a) notekeeping: several notebooks | a4 autocopiant paper
b) installation: ± 4m x 2m wall installation consisting of 2000 steel nails, handmade stamps, nylon wire (100 meter), felt tip markers
c) book: 127p. | 250 x 380 mm

︎︎︎︎ Sint Lukas University of Arts Master Exhibition from 27 June 2012 to 1 July 2012 at Sainctelettesquare 17 | 1000 Brussels
︎︎︎︎ Selected Masters Exhibition from 4 to 20 September 2012 at Sint Lukas Galerie Paleizenstraat 70 | 1030 Schaerbeek 

Panel + book
︎︎︎︎ the wooden panel is permanently on display at Sint Lukas Brussels, graphic design department (Paleizenstraat 70 | 1030 Schaerbeek)
︎︎︎︎ the book is permanently available at the Sint Lukas Library (Paleizenstraat 70 | 1030 Schaerbeek)

︎︎︎︎ See the book here