Routine - installation
2018  ● time / identity

MCXhii is the first sequel of MCXhI & explores routine. How does one fill in the available objective time, does it have an impact on subjective experience of time, and if yes; what is the ideal routine to experience as much time as possible?

The first visual representation are 50 paintings that show 50 experienced routines (May 1 - June 19, 2018). 

In the second step all data was analysed to answer the following questions:

1) which routines had a subjective experience of time closest to the objective time?
2) Which routines maintained the highest energy levels?
3) Which routines the highest emotional levels?
4) Which routines followed the most natural course of life?

Each request delivered 5 high scoring routines on these questions. They have been merged together on 4 punch cards, one for each question. The cards show the objective time of the day on the x-axis with the corresponding activity for that hour, and the relevance of that parameter on the y-axis. 

In the last step, these 4 ‘ideal routines’ have been merged together into a proposition for the final ideal routine - this time only showing the most relevant parameters. The proposition is like a rule; a rule to follow - but at the same time a measure. A measure that compares each routine to the ideal - where we’re left with as much time as possible.

A) Paintings: 120mm x (x)mm, acrylic paint on 420g paper, hardboard multiplex, 50 paintings
B) Punch cards: 120 x 424mm, 420 paper, laser engravement
C) Rule: 22 x 424mm, natural sycamore (maple), laser engravement

︎︎︎︎ See MCXhii at Verbeke Foundation Winter Exhibition 2018-2019 from 11 November 2018 to 7 April 2019 (Westakker z/n | 9190 Kemzeke | Belgium)

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